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FIND Design Fair Asia 2023 

FIND Design Fair Asia 2023 was an extraordinary journey filled with many moments of discovery. From the very first day, our booth became a bustling center of activity, where enthusiastic visitors delved into our innovative offerings.

What added to the honor and excitement were the visits from FIND Design Fair Asia’s distinguished Guest-of-Honor and VIP guests, who graced us with their presence and engaged in a firsthand experience of our transformative products.

These three days were a remarkable blend of success and meaningful connections. We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who took the time to visit our booth. Your presence and curiosity energized our team at T1 Glass, and it was truly our pleasure to share our passion with you. We hope that your experience at our booth was as rewarding as it was for us to meet you.

Once again, thank you for illuminating our booth at FIND Design Fair Asia 2023 with your presence. Your support has been a source of inspiration and motivation for us, and we look forward to crossing paths with you once more in the future!


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