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CoreNet Global Summit 2023

The CoreNet Global Summit 2023 was nothing short of exhilarating, marked by a combination of excitement anticipation!

For T1 Glass, this event held special significance as it allowed us to reconnect with industry leaders and forge new connections. 3 long years have passed since our last meeting, and the reunion was truly heartwarming. As we basked in the glow of unforgettable performances, immersed ourselves in captivating sights, and resonated with the vibrant sounds of progress, it was evident that we were embracing the future of the industry.

Our enthusiasm knows no bounds as we embark on this journey, driven by the desire to build and nurture meaningful connections in this dynamic sector. With each moment that unfolds, we are eager to seize opportunities and unlock the potential that lies ahead.

As the CoreNet Global Summit 2023 unfolds, we can’t help but anticipate what other remarkable experiences and insights await us. The future is ripe with promise, and we are posied to make the most of every moment that comes our way!


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