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CoreNet Gala Night | A Mask to Remember

What a remarkable night to cherish!

T1 Glass was privileged to be part of the grand event, the CoreNet Global [Singapore Chapter]’s Gala Night | A Mask to Remember. This splendid occasion brought together some of the most influential professionals in the corporate real estate and workplace sectors, providing a platform for networking, forging new connections, and nurturing lasting relationships.

Throughout this delightful evening, T1 Glass had the pleasure of engaging with a diverse array of industry leaders and new faces, laying the foundation for fresh partnerships, and fortifying existing bonds. The gala night wasn’t just about networking; it was a celebration filled with captivating entertainment, delectable cuisine, and exquisite beverages.

It was an evening of pure enjoyment and unforgettable moments, and T1 Glass took great pride in being a part of it. The gala night served as an exceptional opportunity to also share our expertise and establish meaningful connections within the industry.

We eagerly anticipate the forthcoming events in the coming year, and the chance to further expand our horizons in the corporate real estate and workplace communities.

Here’s to more moments of connection and collaboration!


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