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Singapore Lifts Covid-19 Rules: 6 Things To Know

As Singapore adapts to evolving circumstances, here are six important updates regarding the eased Covid-19 rules:

NO MASKS REQUIRED ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Commencing on 13 February 2023, commuters can rejoice as masks are no longer mandatory while using public transport. Exceptions are confined to specific settings:

  • Hospital wards

  • Clinics

  • Nursing homes

  • Food handling premises

  • Businesses adhering to mask-wearing as a workplace health and safety, or business continuity policy.

COVID-19 VACCINES REMAIN FREE: Good news for eligible individuals – Covid-19 vaccinations and oral antivirals remain freely accessible. This includes:

  • Singapore Citizens

  • Permanent Residents

  • Long Term Pass Holders

Full subsidies persist for clinically eligible public hospital patients and nursing home residents until further notice.

NOT FULLY SUBSIDISED (HOSPITALIZATION): Beginning 1 April 2023, hospitalization for Covid-19 patients, irrespective of vaccination status, will no longer receive full subsidies. Community isolation becomes an option (with applicable charges), and these facilities are not classified as medical establishments. Hence, not eligible for government medical subsidies. Patients are expected to cover Covid-19 testing expenses from this date onwards.

TRACETOGETHER & SAFE ENTRY NOT REQUIRED: TraceTogether and SafeEntry (Business) apps uninstallation is now permissible. The government no longer collects or retains SafeEntry and TraceTogether data on their servers or databases. Additionally, TraceTogether tokens can be returned from 13 February to 12 March 2023, at any of the 108 community clubs.

PROOF OF PRE-DEPARTURE TEST: Effective from 13 February 2023, travelers who are not fully vaccinated are no longer obliged to provide proof of a negative pre-departure test when entering Singapore. Short-term visitors who are not fully vaccinated are also exempt from purchasing Covid-19 travel insurance.

MIGRANT WORKER PASS APPLICATION: Starting 13 February 2023, migrant workers can freely visit the community without a Popular Places Pass. The Ministry of Manpower will be further easing rules on 1 March 2023, with Covid-19 positive or mildly symptomatic migrant workers in dormitories being allowed to recover within the dormitories or visit a doctor. Those with more severe symptoms will be directed to the emergency department of public healthcare institutions.

As Singapore takes these significant steps toward normalcy, do you plan to continue wearing a mask in the future?


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