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Navigating ESG in Corporate Real Estate: Insights from CoreNet Global [Singapore Chapter]

Aug 24, 2023

Sustainability, Responsibility, and Growth in the World of CRE

"ESG & CRE - Are We Ready?" 🌍 🏢💡

The insightful discussion organised by @corenet_global [Singapore Chapter] delved deep into the world of Corporate Real Estate (#CRE) and its intersection with Environmental, Social, and Governance (#ESG) factors. 🌱 The event shed light on the importance of managing #environmentalrisks, promoting #socialresponsibility, and steering through the commercial landscape with #sustainability at the forefront.

📈 Committing to ESG principles doesn't just mitigate risks; it also unlocks pathways to resource efficiency and enduring growth. 🌏💼 Let's drive positive change together! 👏✨

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