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Work Clean Even with Covid-19, That Includes Eating Clean Too

Amid the ongoing battle against Covid-19, it’s essential that we maintain a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, not only in our work environments, but also in our personal lives. While the pandemic has disrupted our routines and the camaraderie we once shared in the office, we must adapt and play our part in safeguarding our wellbeing.

Even as we yearn to restore the pre-pandemic moments of office gatherings and lively conversations, we must remain diligent. It’s crucial to reduce unnecessary interactions by observing a 1-meter social distancing and avoid common areas whenever possible. Regular handwashing and sanitizing are paramount, considering our hands are our primary point of contact with the world. Masking up and refraining from touching our faces, while changing masks as needed, are habits that provide added protection.

As Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, Technical Lead at the World Health Organization, emphasizes, regularly asking ourselves, ‘Are we doing enough?’ is a critical step in our ongoing battle against the virus.

To truly safeguard our health, we must pay special attention to disinfecting ‘high-touch’ surfaces, including door knobs, handles, sinks, light switches, keyboards, telephones, and remote controls.

Selecting cleaning products with active ingredients designed to combat the Covid-19 virus is particularly important for disinfecting households with suspected or confirmed cases.

We need to break the cycle of panic followed by complacency. Instead, we should adopt a ‘whole-of-society’ approach, which involves being technologically prepared, ready to pivot our business models, and prioritizing the customer experience.

In this time of unprecedented challenges, the T1 Glass family wants to reassure you of our commitment to Covid-Safe criteria. Whether it’s at our construction sites, showroom office, or warehouse, we uphold rigorous safety measures to ensure the well-being of our team and customers.

Together, let’s do what’s right and navigate these uncertain times hand in hand!

Work Clean Even with Covid-19, That Includes Eating Clean Too


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