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Navigating ESG in Corporate Real Estate: Insights from CoreNet Global [Singapore Chapter]

Sustainability, Responsibility, and Growth in the World of CRE

“ESG & CRE – Are We Ready?”

Intriguing and enlightening, the discussion orchestrated by CoreNet Global [Singapore Chapter] took us on a deep dive into the realm of Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and its intersection with the critical components of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

This event illuminated the vital importance of effectively managing environmental risks, advocating for social responsibility, and navigating the commercial landscape with unwavering sustainability as our guiding star.

The realization emerged that committing to ESG principles doesn’t merely serve as a risk mitigation strategy; it also serves as the key to unlocking pathways towards resource efficiency and sustainable, enduring growth.

The call to action is clear: let us come together to drive positive change, embracing ESG principles in Corporate Real Estate and working collaboratively to build a better, more sustainable future.


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