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FIND Design Fair Asia 2022

Singapore, a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation, geared up to showcase its design prowess at FIND Design Fair Aasia 2022. This event was a standout in the world of design exhibitions, attracting top-tier designers and leading brands from across the globe.

Be it designer connoisseurs, seasoned professionals or people who were simply seeking to infuse a touch of style into their office and home spaces, FIND Design Fair Asia 2022 had something special in store for everyone.

T1 Glass was thrilled to have been part of this remarkable event. Our presence at FIND Design Fair Asia 2022 was a moment of pride as we exhibited our cutting-edge acoustic solutions, including acoustic partition systems and sound absorption panels.

These innovations showcased the very latest in sound-management technology and offered visitors a firsthand experience of our innovative offerings.

It was an incredible opportunity to be part of an event that epitomizes Singapore’s passion for design and innovation!


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