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Challenging Ageism: Insights from a Transformative Discussion by CoreNet Global

Age is Just a Number: Building a Supportive and Inclusive Future Together

“Learn, Unlearn, Relearn | AGEISM – Are You Over the Hill?”

A captivating and eye-opening conversation hosted by CoreNet Global [Singapore Chapter] has left us profoundly enlightened.

The esteemed panelists delved into the pressing issue of ageism, a challenge faced by individuals who have dedicated decades of their lives to hard work, only to find themselves unfairly disadvantaged despite their wealth of experience and unwavering commitment. This subtle yet pervasive form of discrimination affects many in our society, and the discussion at the event offered valuable insights into how age is just a number.

The dialogue encouraged us to create a more open-minded and supportive environment for everyone, fostering inclusivity and celebrating the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with age.

We extend our humble gratitude for this enlightening opportunity and eagerly anticipate our collective journey towards staying relevant, as we work together to build a brighter and more well-rounded future.


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