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Challenging Ageism: Insights from a Transformative Discussion by CoreNet Global [Singapore Chapter]

Jul 28, 2023

Age is Just a Number: Building a Supportive and Inclusive Future Together

"Learn Unlearn Relearn | AGEISM - Are you over the hill?" 📚🔄📖

It was an eye-opening and thought-provoking discussion by @corenet_global [Singapore Chapter] that left us humbly enlightened.

💡💪 The esteemed panelists shed light on the concerning issue of #ageism, where individuals who have dedicated decades of hard work find themselves at a disadvantage in spite of their experience and commitment. This subtle form of discrimination affects many in our society and the event discussion addressed how #ageisjustanumber, and how we are able to create a more #openminded and #supportive environment for all.

We are thankful for such an opportunity and we look forward to #stayingrelevant, building a brighter and all-round valuable future together! 🏢🌏

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