A stylish and high-quality solution to office partitions, T108-25 complements the architectural/interior design of the modern office.

It features a slim profile to allow maximum natural light to pass through while the acoustic performance remains high/optimal. This flexible partition system can be tailored to your specific needs ensuring you get the design and acoustic privacy you desire.

Single Glazed
Our single glazed offset partition system is an innovative and unique blend of single and double-glazed systems between individual offices to meeting rooms. They are an ideal design feature for modern offices that want to incorporate an open concept while still maintaining some acoustic privacy.

Single Glazed Pocket
Our single glaze pocket partition is an additional option for our clients who wish to Client

Double Glazed
Our double-glazed offset partition system consists of a seamless wall with clean and conceptually simple lines for a minimalist appeal. The thicker glaze remains sleek in design while providing superior acoustic performance for optimum privacy.