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Glazed partitions

Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sound control with our single and double glazed acoustic partition systems. 

Designed to transform your workspace, these partitions offer exceptional sound insulation while maintaining transparency.

Our acoustic single glazed partition systems feature sleek, single-pane glass panels treated to minimise sound transmission. Enjoy a bright and open environment as natural light floods through the transparent panels. With customisable frame finishes, you can create a unique aesthetic that complements your company brand and office design.

For enhanced privacy and superior sound insulation, our acoustic double glazed partition systems are the ideal choice. Two layers of glass with an acoustic interlayer create a barrier against noise while promoting transparency. These partitions also offer reduced energy consumption.

Create a harmonious work environment where productivity thrives with our acoustic single and double glazed partition systems. Elevate your office design while ensuring privacy and reducing noise distractions.

Experience the difference today!


■ STC 36 / 39 / 42


  STC 45 / 48

Glazed Partitions

operable wall

Redefine the concept of versatile and sophisticated workspace design with our single and double glazed operable walls – discover the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with our innovative partition systems.

Experience the pinnacle of acoustic excellence with our double glazed operable walls as these walls boast double glazed panels and cutting-edge engineering, providing exceptional sound insulation and creating peaceful environments for focused work or intimate gatherings. The sleek design and customisable options ensure these walls harmoniously blend with any space, reflecting your unique style and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Redefine your workspace, inspire productivity, and foster an atmosphere of sophistication and functionality.

Explore the possibilities today!


  STC 45 

Operable Wall


aluminum satin - R_edited.png
yellow polished-R_edited.png

T-POD I : An Ultimate Luxurious Private Cabin

Introducing T-POD I, the pioneering embodiment of its illustrious series – an exquisitely designed cabin, meticulously crafted to embrace the pinnacle of acoustic finesse and excellent noise isolation.

Step into your own private oasis with cutting-edge technological advancements, we invite you to indulge in an oasis of personalised sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in an ambiance of timeless elegance – a sanctuary that exudes tranquility and sophistication. Uniting the allure of serenity with an unassuming grandeur, T-POD I effortlessly captivates as the focal point of any space, seamlessly harmonising with bespoke customisation options tailored to your desires.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and acoustic excellence with T-POD I. Let it transport you to a world of unparalleled comfort and style, where tranquility and sophistication converge.

Your private haven awaits!


■ 480 - 520 (Kgs)

■ 1235mm Width

■ 2464mm Height

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